Frquently Asked Questions

Will this program work in my facility with the limited resources that I have available?


The simple answer to this is YES.  In my experience I have applied my model for Reliability in a Union organization of 2000 employees where I had a Maintenance & Reliability staff of 400 people.  I have also used this model in a Team based facility of 50 employees where I had a Maintenance & Reliability staff of 8.  Both facilities had to implement all of the components of the program, but how they were implemented in each facility was vastly different.  That is the key to the success of this program, it is tailored to fit your organization.

Can I pick & chose the parts of the system that I want to apply?


True Reliability and world class performance always comes with the application of all parts of the model.  Your efforts must include all three areas of People, Processes and Systems.  It must also include the 14 elements of the model working together to drive performance to new levels.  Individual components of the system might offer marginal improvement but it will not provide lasting world class performance.

What is the timing and cost for the implementation of this system?


Timing and costs varies by the size of the organization and the current status of the operation.  You have to understand this is an evolution, not a revolution.  Typically a company working to do this on their own would take 2 to 5 years to implement these processes.  With our coaching, experience and supporting systems we can get you there typically in 6 to 12 months.  Costs depends greatly on the resources we must bring in to get you to the desired level of performance.