Applied Reliability Pyramid

With over 30 years of real world hands on experience in Operations, Engineering, Reliability and Maintenance and exposure to some of the best Consulting companies in the U.S. in these areas I have developed and refined this model.  It has been utilized and proven effective across numerous industries and many different facilities.  It works in Union as well as Non-union facilities.  It has been applied and used effectively in both small team based facilities with limited personnel as well as in 2000 employee operations with over 400 maintenance employees.   In my experience I have found that focusing on and developing these 14 areas will always yield the results you desire and enable you to achieve world class performance in your industry.



Applied Reliability Assessment

In the assessment process we will evaluate your organization across 14 key areas of the Applied Reliability Pyramid model.  This will be done through both employee interviews as well as field assessments in your facility.  The interview process will go through approximately 500 easy to answer questions across the 14 categories.  These are simple questions that are answered Yes, No or Somewhat.  The interview process will then be followed up with field observations of the systems that you do have in place and how they function.  This assessment process will take 2 to 4 weeks typically depending upon the size and complexity of your organization.  Once the assessment is complete you will receive a written report noting the gaps in your current processes and systems from the desired state to achieve world class performance with a high level plan, timeline and milestones to achieve the desired performance level.